As a public/private, nonprofit economic development organization, we serve the Greater Adams County region, its 10 municipalities, more than 10,000 companies, and just over a half a million residents. We’re working to write the next chapter for our area by amplifying its unique business story, championing area real estate developments, and focusing on new infrastructure. We empower our members and community leaders to promote and expand economic opportunity in the Greater Adams County region.

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Navigating Crossroads

How AC-REP helped transform a contaminated site into the thriving Crossroads Commerce Park

What does it take to transform a heavily contaminated 78-acre former smelting plant that crosses two counties into an award-winning industrial development? Years of navigating complex political and environmental terrain, unfaltering focus and keeping everyone’s eyes on the prize. 

A friendly coffee with AC-REP ended our long site search and kept us in Adams County. The team made all the right introductions and eight months later, we purchased and renovated our new home for training the next generation electrician.


To champion the businesses of the Greater Adams County Region — giving them a voice by supporting innovation, forging connections with local government, and leading the community toward prosperity with our expertise as a private, investor-driven organization.