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We Deliver the Energy that Powers You

Xcel Energy is honored to provide utility service across Adams County and to harness its energy to power the county’s growth. Its top-quartile reliability and industry-leading renewable energy portfolio, combined with competitive pricing and energy efficiency incentives, make Xcel Energy’s service area, including Adams County, an attractive option for businesses.

Xcel Energy delivers reliable, affordable, clean energy to 1.5 million electric customers and 1.4 million natural gas customers in Colorado. It is the only major U.S. energy provider to announce a comprehensive vision with aggressive goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across three large sectors of the economy: electricity, natural gas use in buildings, and transportation. In addition to being a leader in clean energy, the company is also dedicated to giving to the communities it serves.

This is how the future is made.

By 2030, Xcel Energy will cut carbon emissions 80% (compared to 2005)

Colorado Employment: 3,770
100% on Corporate Equality Index

Community Commitment: 22,000 Volunteer Hours; 4,000 volunteers, 385 nonprofits served

“Colorado’s growth and the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the critical importance of enhancing economic development. For many businesses, energy is a top consideration in where they locate or expand. We believe supporting organizations like AC-REP is not only good for the community but good for our business. Through our partnership, we have deepened our relationships across Adams County, partnered on business attraction to Colorado and advocated for business-friendly policies.”