Existing Business

Identifying Growth Barriers, Providing Resources

A vibrant economy local economy depends on the health and stability of our existing companies. ACREP’s Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Program provides local companies tools and support to expand. With 50% of job growth resulting from existing business growth, these efforts are vital to sustained business development in Adams County.

Our Business Retention program matches community leaders and companies together to identify barriers local businesses might face. The Business Retention/Expansion (BRE) Roundtable, comprised of both public and private sector ACED members, is constantly finding new ways to ensure local industries not only grow, but thrive.

BRE Roundtable members proactively engage the County’s primary employers to identify and address critical issues that might challenge their growth, matching action-oriented people and resources to solve their problems.

Staying in close contact with our existing businesses is a high priority and enables ACED to gauge the unique needs of our primary employers and focus our efforts on issues and solutions that matter most.

2018 BRE Summary

Face-to-face Interviews
Existing Jobs Impacted
Projected Jobs Impacted
$ 0 M
Projected Capital Investment