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Ready to explore expansion or development in Adams County? Make us the first stop on your journey. Since we collaborate with all communities in Adams County, we’ll guide you and connect you to the right resources. 

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  • Site Selection Summit
  • Incentives Negotiation
  • Sector Partnerships
  • Real Estate Connections
  • Existing Business Support
  • Enterprise Zone Admin
  • Opportunity Zones
  • Regional Marketing
  • Regulatory Coordination
  • Research & Demographics
  • Issue-Oriented Roundtables
  • Workforce Development

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Recent Company Expansions

At Maxar, we've been grateful for the incentives and support offered by ACED since we first moved into our new Westminster headquarters in 2015, and in our partnership that continues and grows each year. We are proud to be part of the Adams County business community and contribute to the economic vitality of the state.

2018 Business Attraction Results

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