Sector Partnership Launched in Freight, Transportation & Warehousing

The Adams County Workforce and Business Center has taken on the role of convener of the Freight Industry Sector Partnership (FISP) This industry group is made up of large and small employers in the freight, transportation, and warehouse industry. Many community partners who offer services, training, and funding for this industry also participate. The object is to identify sector issues through employer-led discussion and work together to streamline processes and find solutions that can support all employers in the sector.

On February 16, the Workforce Center conducted a Transportation Roundtable where employers discussed the hiring issues they are experiencing and the possible causes. The issues ranged from a lack of skilled labor to pandemic unemployment benefits keeping people away from the workforce.

Transportation is a vital industry in Adams County with more than 29,000 transportation jobs in the county. The average earnings in this industry in Adams County is $58,310, while the national average is well over $66,000. Many employers are attempting to bridge this gap with higher wages, and creative incentives to attract talent.

The industry will be featured in May during National Transportation Week (May 16- 22). To promote the week, and to support the employers in Adams County, the Adams County Workforce and Business Center will be holding a Virtual Transportation/Freight Job Fair with community partners available to help with industry questions.

The WBC will also have case managers available to discuss funding for apprenticeships, on-the-job training, internships, and incumbent worker training that can help employers offset the training costs involved with upskilling the workforce. The funding can also help eligible job seekers pay for related costs like transportation, equipment, and most short-term training tuition costs. 

On May 25, the workforce center will hold a FISP meeting to identify new objectives, task groups, and develop a strategy for the rest of 2022 to support this industry. All employers, community partners, supply chain partners, and educators related to transportation are invited to participate.

For more information on how your business can get involved with either the job fair or the Sector Partnership activities call 720-523-6890, email the Business Services department at, or access the Workforce Center information on the Adams County website: