Internship Program Helps Students Acquire Skills, Experience for Success after Graduation

Brighton, Colo. – Sept. 11, 2019 – Prairie View High School, in partnership with the Brighton Housing Authority, is implementing an Internship Pilot Program for the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year. “We are so grateful for the financial contributions of the Brighton Economic Development Corporation which have allowed the funding for this program,” says BHA Executive Director, Joseph Espinosa.

“Additionally, we thank our program partners, such as TBK Bank, whose efforts and monetary donations support this pilot. The Brighton Housing Authority is excited to be working with 27J Schools in a program that will provide direction, experience, and diverse opportunities for our community’s future workforce.”

This program is designed to provide students with real world work experience to help guide them in their decision making process for their post high school plans. The program has three distinct phases: workforce preparatory training, assignment placement and work experience evaluation. Taking advantage of the 27J four-day school week, students will work on Mondays at their designated employer, getting the opportunity to have a variety of working/learning experiences.

Students will begin the program on Monday, January 13, 2020 with the first of three weekly sessions of training on work-place expectations and behaviors, business communication, and other soft-skills necessary for successful employment. On the afternoon of January 27, participating employers will attend a modified job fair where they will meet student candidates interested in working in their organizations and make their selection of interns. Students will begin working on Monday, February 2 and will work each Monday through the semester. At the end of the semester, employers have the option to hire students if a position within their organization exists.

We are currently looking for employers who would like to participate in this pilot program and hope to have a wide variety of employment opportunities for students. The positions must have work opportunities on Mondays, allow for students who are 16 or older to participate, and have a supervisor who is able to provide feedback to the student and to the internship instructor throughout the semester.

If you would like more information on participating as an employer in the Prairie View Internship Program, contact Jean Schneider, Internship Instructor, at .