Work-Based Learning & Resource Exchange Programs Offered to Area Businesses

January 26, 2021 – The Adams County Workforce and Business Center has federal funding for Work-Based Learning that can help with the costs of training. The Center has also begun a monthly Resource Exchange and Workshop to guide employers through the changing COVID maze. There is no cost for either of these services.

The menu of Work-based learning (WBL) opportunities includes pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, Internship, on-the-job training (OJT), and work experiences. The funding is flexible to the needs of the employer. The program may be able to cover the classroom training costs in the form of tuition. Or it could pay for a wage subsidy reimbursed to the employer during the initial training period of a new hire. For example, an OJT service could reimburse 50% of the hourly wage of a new hire with a possible reimbursement of up to $5,000 paid to the employer. WBL may help new employees pay for additional supportive services like uniforms, books, tools, and safety equipment. The new hire will need to meet program eligibility that will be conducted by workforce center staff. A business development representative can walk employers through the options and help choose a WBL activity that reaps the greatest benefit. There is no cost to the employer or the new hire for services, making this a no-risk, win-win scenario.

To navigate through the sea of revolving resources that are available to employers, the workforce center will be conducting a monthly Resource Exchange and Employer Workshop with no cost for registration. The topics that will be covered include an update on healthcare guidelines from Tri-County Health, program offerings from area economic development experts, information on county business grants and supports, and a brief workshop on recruitment aides and candidate sourcing guidance. This will be presented in a virtual roundtable format where discussion on real-life scenarios is encouraged. It is important to know what funding assistance is available during COVID recovery and how employers can quickly access the grant or program that helps keep the Adams County economy open for business. This combination of state, regional, county, and municipality partnership ensures that employers can address needs on several levels.

There are several other business services that are always available to employers; like free job postings on, no-cost participation in job fairs and hiring events, and assistance with screening, and skill/knowledge assessments for candidates and incumbent workers.

The Workforce Center strives to be a contributing business partner and meet the needs of Adams County business with WBL funding to help with costs and virtual resource exchanges to help with information sharing. To find out about these, and any other no-cost service offered by the Adams County Workforce and Business Center, or to register for the next resource exchange, call the Business Services line at 720-523-6890, or email A Business Development Representative can set up a virtual meeting to talk about your unique situation.